Congratulations to our Graduating Seniors!

Alpha Omega Epsilon would like to congratulate our sisters that are graduating today May 15th, 2015: Megan Hubbard, Catherine Keen, and Avineet Pannu. We are so proud of all that you guys have accomplished and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you guys. We have written some short snippets for our graduates.

  • Megan Hubbard: AME
    • Megan! Thank you for giving me the beach house experience of a lifetime ❤ I will miss you! Thanks for always keeping it real and goofing around. Rice family for life!
    • Megan, it’s bittersweet to see you graduate this year. Of course we are all so happy for you to go into the real world and make bank; however, it’s going to be sad not seeing you every week in chapter. You have been such a bright spot in my college experience. Please come back and visit often!
    • Megan! You are a super chill person, I enjoyed the little amount of time that we got to spend together! Don’t be a stranger after you graduate, stay in contact
  • Catherine Keen: ME
    • Catherine! Even though I have not known you for a long time, you are a hilarious person! I wish I could have gotten the time to know you better, but I hope that you will be successful in all of your future endeavours.
    • Catherine! You’re a doll. I wish you all the best in the future because you totally deserve it. You are a smart cookie and will go on to do great things. Come back and visit!
    • Catherine, you are such a witty and smart individual; I know you will go far in life. I hope you come back and visit us often. We will all miss you!
  • Avineet Pannu: CHE
    • I have enjoyed going to  chipotle with you since you LOVE it!! I just don’t know what you like more, taking the hot sauce or the actual food? hahahaa.

      Thank you for all the wonderful moments that we have spent together, I am so glad I joined AOE, because I got to know you. You always make me feel better and I can only hope I can do the same for you when you need me.

    • Miss Pannu, you da you da best. I ❤ how you can be so caring and irresponsible at the same time. You know how to have a great time, while watching out for those around you. You were really welcoming with the whole joining AΩE thing, or maybe that’s just because you were the membership educator when I was joining. I’m so glad to have gotten the chance to be able to meet you this year and I am SOOO happy that you are staying for your Masters here because it means that you won’t be leaving me :D.
    • If there’s anyone I would pick to be stranded in SAL with me during a rainstorm it would be you.
    • Avineet,
      You are such an amazing person and I am happy that you will still be here next year! You always brighten my day with hilarious stories and your positive attitude. You were such a wonderful membership educator and you were not only a huge reason why I joined. I can only hope that I can make half as good of an impact on future candidates as you did on my class. I always know that I can go to you with anything. Thanks for being so awesome.

Here are some photos of our seniors for the Class of 2015!!

The seniors at Fall 2015 initiation! Megan, Catherine, & Avineet
Megan being Megan 😀
Marissa, AnnaLaura, and Jean hanging out with Avineet!
Class of 2015 seniors enjoy a laugh. Megan, Avineet, & Catherine
Avineet and Megan at the CED Banquet!
Megan and Avineet

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