Fall 2017 Semester Wrap Up

The Fall 2017 Semester is coming to a close with finals and winter break approaching. Here’s a recap of our chapter’s Fall Semester!

On the 12th of November 2017, the sisters went to Disneyland for Informal Formal! We were joined by our wonderful Alum Aditi!! The girls worked hard on Fundraising in order to make the magical trip happen! Here are some of the pictures we took throughout the day!




On the 17th of November 2017, the sisters that were able to make it had a friendsgiving potluck! The sisters brought some of their favorite dishes and watched episodes of the Office and Friends Thanksgiving episodes <3.


Most recently, we had our Christmas party to end the semester off on a good note. Where we had a potluck, enjoyed wonderful food, and said farewell to our graduating seniors.


Wishing all of the girls good luck on finals! ✌🏼



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