Meet the Candidates: Alpha Chi!! <3

This past weekend, we just initiated a new class of candidates into our sisterhood! The picture below features 4 our of our 6 candidates. We’re ecstatic for them to start their journey  to become active members!

The featured candidates in the image below are: Katie Chen, Srishti Miglani, Maansi Manchanda, and Archana Venkatesh!


Continue reading to get to know the new candidates!

unnamed (1)

Katie Chen
My name is Katie, and I’m a freshman from Seattle! I’m studying Computer Science, but my one true goal in life is to own a dog. I’ve been dancing since I was 6, and I love stargazing and trying out new foods.

unnamed (2)

Tanya Gandhi
My name is Tanya. I’m a sophomore studying Electrical Engineering. I find the way circuits work intriguing and hope to pursue a career where I’m able to work with my hands. I’m from Mumbai, India. I love being part of a big city in all its momentum and diversity. I enjoy watching and studying animals in the wild – Bengal tigers to be specific. Maldives is the most beautiful place I’ve travelled to. I wish to visiting Australia and the jungles of Africa before graduating college!

unnamed (3)

Maansi Manchanda
My name is Maansi Manchanda and I’m a freshman studying Computer Science. I have recently discovered an interest in the field and am looking forward to combining it with a minor in cinematic arts or digital media. I also love to watch movies, travel and take pictures.

unnamed (4)

Srishti Miglani
My name is Srishti Miglani and I am a sophomore studying Computer Science. After graduating from USC, I want to get a Masters degree in the same field with a focus in cyber security. In my free time, I like to read, bake and solve puzzles. I also love to volunteer to teach small kids.

unnamed (5)

Archana Venkatesh
My name is Archana and I am a Junior majoring in Computer Engineering/Computer Science. I love working with new technologies and someday I hope to start my own company. I also love to read, dance, try new foods and explore new places.

unnamed (6)

Laura Windler

My name is Laura Windler and I am a freshman studying Mechanical Engineering. I want to have a career building something or doing hands on work. I am from Denver, Colorado and love the outdoors. I have been to 17 European countries, and have a goal to check off all 50! I am an active member of multiple student governments and couldn’t be happier at USC and I’m so excited to be a part of AΩE!


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