Day Away F18 was a Blast!

Our actives and candidates spent the weekend on our semesterly Day Away, where we focused on bonding with each other and getting to know our now Alpha Psi class better.

As is tradition, we started out at the beach! Boctor family won our sand castle competition with a spooky AOE castle rendition:

Boctor Family with the winning castle

Our Alumnae, Allison and Megan (not pictured), also joined us!


We then ate lunch with some more alumnae and had a fun scavenger hunt at the nearby Americana at Brand. In the end, we had a lot of fun! Thanks to our Day Away committee for organizing everything, and a special thanks to our Membership Educator for planning Day Away and for helping us bond with our new candidates!

Alpha Psi with our MemEd, Christina Najm.

Thanks to everyone who came to Day Away, and an extra special thanks to our alumnae who came out as well!



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