Beta Beta Initiated!

Congratulations to our newest actives of AΩE!

The Beta Beta class was initiated on Sunday, October 18th, and we are thrilled to welcome the candidates who have put in so much effort throughout the past few weeks of recruitment.

This recruitment semester has been the most unique one –– with the remote and compressed semester, exams pop up more frequently, and bedrooms might be where the majority of our semester takes place. However, thanks to everyone’s hard work, we’re proud to say that we are “together apart”.

A huge shoutout to E-Board and all Committees who have dedicated themselves to organizing events, and a huge shoutout to all candidates (now nactives!) for their success in accomplishing candidate tasks and projects!

We are confident Beta Beta will be awesome actives and are so happy to have them as our newest sisters. A special thank you to Madeline Rouse, our fantastic Membership Educator, for all her efforts this semester!


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