About Us

Mission: Alpha Omega Epsilon is a professional engineering and technical sciences sorority founded in 1983 that strives to provide friendship, leadership, and professionalism to all members of our organization, community, and professions.


There are 43 AΩE Chapters throughout the United States and Canada!

The Sisters of Alpha Omega Epsilon promote ideals and objectives that hope to further the advancement of female engineers, while at the same time developing bonds of lifelong friendships. Alpha Omega Epsilon strives for scholarship and academic achievement. The sisters create a friendly, warm atmosphere where integrity, character, and self-confidence can foster. The sorority hopes to enlighten female engineers to the opportunities available. Alpha Omega Epsilon encourages ties with other Greek Organizations, which leads to the discovery of additional extracurricular activities, and in pursuing contacts with engineers in industry.

To learn more about Alpha Omega Epsilon, please visit: alphaomegaepsilon.org.

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