Executive Board Membership Educator

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Name: Rachel Nahum
Year: Junior
Major: Physics & Computer Science
Expected Grad Year: Fall 2020

Other AΩE Leadership Positions Held: N/A

Organization/Club Involvement: AΩE

What Does the Membership Educator Do? The Membership Educator is the “leader” of the next initiating class. They will be the main point of contact for the candidates to the active members. The Membership Educator is also the one the leads the weekly candidate meetings.

Why Did You Join AΩE? I joined AΩE to meet a likeminded group of young women in STEM.

What Do You Like Most About AΩE? My favorite part of AΩE is the sisterhood! I love all of the amazing people in it!

Do You Have Any Suggestions or Words of Wisdom for Potential Members? Don’t be afraid to ask any of the actives for career or academic advice! We have all been in similar positions and can speak from experience 🙂