Executive Board Secretary

Name: Sydney Rosser
Year: Sophomore
Major: B.S Biomedical Engineering
Expected Grad Year: 2021
Other AΩE Leadership Positions Held: N/A
Organization/Club Involvement: Teach for Los Angeles, Water Treatment Design Team, SWE, AIChE

Why Did You Join AΩE?
I joined to make friends and to learn from the engineering experiences of others.

What Do You Like Most About AΩE?
I like that everyone is kind and welcoming so it is a great experience when we have time together. I also like that everyone is conscious of everyone else’s busy schedules so our events don’t interfere with the many different and interesting things we are involved in.

Do You Have Any Suggestions or Words of Wisdom for Potential Members?
Come to as many of the events as you can early on! They are fun and you start to feel like a part of the community sooner.