Executive Board Vice President


Name: Christina Najm
Year: Sophomore
Major: Environmental Engineering
Expected Grad Year: Spring 2021

Other AΩE Leadership Positions Held: Membership Educator

Organization/Club Involvement: AΩE, Society of Women Engineers, Undergraduate Research

Why Did You Join AΩE? I joined AΩE in my freshman year searching for a group of friends who had similar interests and academic pursuits as me. I wanted a group of women in STEM to bond with, get advice from, and support.

What Do You Like Most About AΩE? My favorite part of AΩE is the sisterhood! The memories and bonds I have made with my AΩE sisters are incredibly valuable to me. I love bonding with other actives about our mutual academic interests as well as similar hobbies, extracurricular activities, and ideas. Beyond this, I enjoy the professional workshops, scholastic events, and opportunities to learn about our accomplished alumnae.

Do You Have Any Suggestions or Words of Wisdom for Potential Members? Come to our events and meet our actives! The best way to learn more about AΩE is through speaking with the sisters. Everyone is so friendly, fun, and unique, and our recruitment events are great opportunities to make friends in AΩE.