Vice President


Name: Mikey Hanley

Year: Junior

Major: Computer Science

Expected Grad Year: Spring 2023


Other AΩE Leadership Positions Held: Merchandise Chair

Organization/Club Involvement: AΩE, previously Oriana Choir and OUTReach

Why Did You Join AΩE? I wasn’t looking to join a sorority, but I stumbled upon AΩE’s booth at an involvement fair and really liked the people I met. From there, I attended a lot of the recruitment events and just found myself going through the recruitment process! I really like all the people in AΩE 🙂

What Do You Like Most About AΩE? I like spending time with everyone and taking a break from classes! Even our weekly meetings are fun for me because I get to see everyone.

Do You Have Any Suggestions or Words of Wisdom for Potential Members? Things seem really overwhelming at the beginning of candidacy, but most of them are actually really fun, and if you’re determined to join AΩE you almost certainly will!