Executive Board Vice President

Name: Michelle Karpishin
Year: Junior
Major: B.S. Aerospace Engineering
Expected Grad Year: 2020
Other AΩE Leadership Positions Held: 
Organization/Club Involvement: AΩE, Aero Design Team, Undergraduate research in the Dryden Wind Tunnel, Swim Club, Triathlon Team

Why Did You Join AΩE?
I wanted to make a core group of friends freshman year that I could talk to about engineering and social stuff, and everyone in AΩE was friendly and easy to get along with, so I felt right at home.

What Do You Like Most About AΩE? I like that because it’s such a small group of girls, it’s easy to make changes and lead the organization in the direction that you want it to go. We have a good balance of social and professional events, and you’re able to be involved to whatever extent you want.

Do You Have Any Suggestions or Words of Wisdom for Potential Members? Get to know us! We’re all very interesting people, and everyone is excited to meet potential new members. Even though we’re very tight-knit due to our size, we are incredibly welcoming and we’ll be happy to have you!