Mid-semester Catch-up

Greetings! There is so much that we would like to catch you up on for this Spring 2017 Semester.

It has been of to a great start with a strong recruitment week. The first image is a snapshot of our wonderful dinner at California Pizza Kitchen with our wonderful Alumni, Joy, that was able to make it!

Alumni Dinner: Jean, Joy [Alumni], Valeria, Hannah, Camelia, Olivia, Trisha, Kelly, Natalie, Serena
The following images are from Candidates Initiation. We have six lovely candidates this semester!

Initiation w/ Candidates: Saumya, Zoe, Better, Saran, Samantha, Valeria
Initiation w/ Actives: [Back row] Serena, Camelia, Allison, Erin, Michelle | [Front row] Olivia, Marissa, Jean, Fernanda
Everyone at the Candidate Initiation
Initiation Selfie

We’ll keep you up to date with our future events!




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